Week 12

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Week 12

Post by BoaNeo » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:14 am

Here's our planned list of bug fixes and updates for Week 12:

* Fix random exception bug in troop-transfer job
* Make sure 3D rendering of troops is disabled when not used
* Fix automatic update of troop overview page
* Fix client-side exceptions from color animation
* Fix client-side bug that sometimes prevents troop info dialog from showing when clicking on enemy troops
* Fix input field bug in recall troops dialog
* Fix weird queue bug where troop queue is not shown if there are defenses already queued.
* Fix bug that causes holoview to show incorrect army after a retreat
* Fix highscore history (it should only update once per day, not on every highscore change)
* Fix bug in build queue where item sometimes stays in queue with 0 secs left after finishing with cubes.
* Fix funky border update bug (sometimes borders are not updated correctly)
* Fix clouds clipping while still in view (bottom of screen)
* Fix incorrect toast-text when adding to queue (it does not include queue time)
* Remove minotaur icon on Achievement tutorial
* Clarify level progression with a progress indicator and tooltip
* Fix alien cube cost so that it never cost less than what is shown in dialog.
* Sort sites in site list so that "real" cities are listed at the top
* Only show the "use cubes" dialog first time when adding to queue. Add tutorial explaining >>> button
* Fix initial view of transport report (appears collapsed when first opened)
* Fix scrolling speed in accordion on Windows
* Add "more info" button/indicator to troop dialog
* Add shortcuts: ESC to close dialogs, AWSD for scrolling map
* Allow global chat (Chat with no recipients)
* Add cubes buy/use page where player can get time limited boosters
* Add "chapters" to tutorial system with more general gamplay introductions
* Fix lighting setup for 3D troop renders
* Send out periodic update mails to players
* Add a button to open the "invite friend" dialog

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