Build 107

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Build 107

Post by BoaNeo » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:17 pm

Build 107 has been deployed to the backend. New clients will be available for download from the web-site shortly, or you can get them from dropbox here: ... 9eqMa?dl=0

Yes, we're well aware that we need to have automatic updates build-in to the client, but there is so much we "need" that it just haven't been a priority yet :)

Here are some of the things that *has* been a priority:

* Changed virus troop to "hacker" and implemented firewall hacking so you can take over other player cities
* Changed "holding" location to work as "resource only cities".
* Fixed bug in report view related to alien attacks
* Updated transport model & animations
* Optimized map rendering and fixed sector management so that it has a constant overhead regardless of number of cities
* Incentivised invite with buddy code - pops up once after you log-in. We need a button for it as well, I guess. Hope it's not too annoying.
* Autorefresh left side bar so resource view is up to date
* Added alien lander highscore
* Logarithmic increase in level rewards instead of linear
* Amount of each troop type that can be in an assault is now limited (different cap for different troop types)
* Fixed bug that caused certain skills to not show up
* Fixed ruin limit (was 4 is 3)
* Fixed money highscore to use a less revealing formula
* Fixed bug in upgrade skill function that left jobs in limbo on the server
* Lots of little tweaks, adjustments and bugfixes

The two big ones are the new hacker troop type and the promotion of "holding" points to "mini cities".

The way the hacker works is that once all enemy troops has been eliminated your hackers will start breaking down the enemy city firewall - the more hackers you bring, the faster they'll finish. If they finish the job, you will take control of the enemy city and its resources, buildings and ruins. Stationed troops will be transferred to their current location or die (if in wilderness).

Held locations can now be selected as cities so you can see their resource usage/production, and you can move resources to them to feed your troops. Currently troops, defenses and buildings are not enabled for holding locations, but we have discussed the option of allowing certain buildings (e.g. food/energy/storage), and possible simple defenses.

The only feature that we still need to put in before we can claim alpha status is the Alliance module. We *do* want to aim for Alpha release in week 12 so depending on how many bugs we find in the next couple of weeks, we might decide to postpone Alliances.

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