Week 09

What can you expect for upcoming releases.
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Week 09

Post by BoaNeo » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:39 pm

We are not dead.

For a variety of reasons, things slowed down and finally came to a halt a few weeks ago, and to make matters worse (or better, perhaps, since we *are* in a testing phase), the long run without server reboots revealed a nasty time bug, that essentially made the game unplayable.

The bug is found and fixed, but it required some restructuring that are not backwards compatible, and running with the bug has corrupted data to a point where we're not sure what will happen when we update the code.

So, unfortunately, it is once again time for a data reset.

Since we're resetting the database anyway, we're going to throw in a bunch of other compatibility breaking changes as well, here's the list:

* Frequent player daily reward
* Alliances
* Hacker troop type to infiltrate and take over enemy main frame (thus owning their cities)
* Add Alien Lander Highscore (pts. per lander destroyed)
* Incentivized invites (earn cubes by inviting friends) - we need more players :)
* Invites also allow new players to start near friends
* Troops in the wild will appear as "resource only" cities in your city list so that you can keep your troops alive while stationed.
* Fix bug that causes storage depots to be emptied if the upkeep if your army vastly exceed storage capacity
* Fix incorrect ruin limit (is 4, should be 3)
* Fix money highscore so it does not reveal players actual cash
* Fix skills that are not shown in skill UI
* Fix skill level limit (is 9 should be 10)
* Limit amount of troops in a transfer/attack (per-troop-type) to avoid killer armies of cheap troops
* Reduce scaling of level loot to avoid "level mining"

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