Week 05

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Week 05

Post by BoaNeo » Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:49 am

Week 04 update came early and included somewhat less than planned due to a number of critical issues in build 99 that had to be fixed, and we're still trying to fix an issue that causes the server process to shut down, so Week 05 might also end up as a bug fix rather than an actual feature update.

Still, no point being (entirely) pessimistic, so there's a few new things we'd like to get in there as well:

* Highscore for attacks on alien landers
* Incentivized invitations / buddy codes (Invite a friend and get rich ... Kind of thing :) )

This is a slight change in course compared to what was planned for Week 04, but we decided to focus on features that help us getting more players in the game. We'd like to improve the alpha testing experience and more players means more feedback.

On other notes, we've decided to make a rather radical change in the way you station troops in the wild. Right now, they're just sitting there until they die from hunger, or you call them back. We want to change this so that these "troop camps" works as "small cities". This means that you will be able to improve their defenses and ship food and other resources to them.

This will work the same for both empty tiles and ruins. It's unlikely to make it into next weeks update, but it will be the first item on the list after that.

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