Build 100

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Build 100

Post by BoaNeo » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:51 pm

Build 100 is up early because Build 99 had a number of serious bugs in it - here's what's fixed:

Fixed metadata editor in the admin tool so that it uses all the available space
Fixed alien init sizes for the 2 largest classes (Reduced by more than 50%)
Fixed level loot claim logic and UI (was quite broken)
Fixed chat so it is no longer possible to add the same person twice
Changed minimap to have enemies default on
Fixed small bug when using cubes to finish job
Changed default level for new player to 1 instead of 0
Changed alien invasions so that they are hopefully more rational and less likely to keep attacking the same player
Fixed bug in Battle Jobs - they stuck around forever, causing various visual oddities (and a waste of memory)
Upped download sanity size check from 128Kb to 16MB to allow admin to download log files
Removed admin commands from determining bar-size caps in Admin UI since they return A LOT of data.
No longer dump returned object to server log. Was getting excessive and provided no real information.
Fixed null pointer exceptions when returning from a battle where target city has been destroyed.
Fixed level logic so the level can never go down
Fixed level loot calculation
Fixed broken reports from destroyed cities
Fixed resource labels in reports (too small)

We also snuck in an extra feature scheduled for the Week 04 release next sunday:

Send e-mail to players when attacked (max once per day)

Also note that because aliens went berserk when build 99 was deployed, I've stopped all the old alien invasions. The alien landers, however, remain on the map, but they will not attack. I've started a new invasion with updated parameters that should be a lot less aggressive.

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