Build 99

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Build 99

Post by BoaNeo » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:54 am

Build 99 is undergoing final testing, but it's a fairly major update so keep an eye out for bugs. Here's what made it in:

* Recall partial armies
* Cancelling moves now costs cubes after 60 seconds
* Updated minimap with legend to toggle items on and off.
* Minimap allow finding players main city by player name rather than coordinate
* New wildlife model of a very nasty swamp critter.
* Improved chat where you can select specific people to chat with, rather than always talking to all your friends
* Loot boxes when advancing levels
* Markers on cities when they are low on food or energy
* Markers on cities when building upgrade or troop purchase completes
* Marker on cities when landing craft is inbound
* Manual revenue collection - a small "COLLECT" button will appear on a city when there are taxes to collect.
* Improved battle marker, so it's clearer which tile is under attack
* Fixed friend dialog bug (didn't open as it should)
* Fixed city appearance and removed trees where cities are located
* Fixed bug in battle screen (it wasn't updating correctly)
* Fixed major bug in cube cost when completing jobs - Everything always cost 1 cube even though it said otherwise.
* Fixed battle view so that it shows attacker numbers correctly after first round
* Show ? when troop sizes are unknown (rather than -)
* Now also showing resources in spy reports if successful

This build also include a massive upgrade of the backend administration tool - you won't see this, except that it will be a lot easier for us to find and fix problems :).

Update will be available later today unless we find any critical issues...

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