Build 143

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Build 143

Post by BoaNeo » Fri May 18, 2018 3:46 pm

This update has a bunch of fixes to Aliens:

* Fixed alien lander animations
* Fixed bug in alien job when size was 0
* Remove alien spawn immediately when a location is found to be invalid
* Fixed alien-site names (so they're not "xyz")
* Fixed bug in alien attack level limit (never attacked players of level 100 or higher)
* Changed alien attack frequency so that it never waits more than 5 seconds before checking for next victim (or less than 1).
* Increased alien search area to 15 tiles squared instead of 12
* Increased chance of alien picking first found neighbour for attack from 15% to 45%, and step hereafter from 10% to 15%
* Allow aliens to spawn on wildlife

Some for hackers:

* Don't allow retreat once hackers have started hacking
* Kill hackers when hacking ends
* New badge for players own cities when they are being hacked

Some visual corrections:

* Fixed border and object render order
* Changed border to not snap to grid for a more organic look.

A new feature:

* Restart player

And exploding cities:

* Changed battle to destroy cities if all buildings are reduced to level 0
* Cities and landers explodes when destroyed

A major fix to level calculations which was totally off:

* Fixed bug in level calculation (was log should have been log10)

And a ton of small bugfixes, some of the reported ones are:

* Fixed small glitch in tilemarker (it would briefly appear in old location when selecting a new one)
* Fixed client exception when chaning troop amount in movement dialog (Usually when adding invalid numbers or add all units of a given type)
* Added exception handling to job execution so that failed jobs are logged as such
* Fixed job execution time measurements (was incorrectly recording TOD instead of processing time for some reason)
* Prevent exceptions in upgradebuilding jobs if the site is destroyed right before the job gets executed

Also a bit of random optimisations:

* Reduced server-side memory usage
* Don't create gameobjects for empty sites

Until they're available on the front page, you can get the clients here: ... 9eqMa?dl=0

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