Build 128

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Build 128

Post by BoaNeo » Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:25 pm

Binary 10000000 has been uploaded (see what I did there? :) ) - new clients are available here: ... 9eqMa?dl=0

This update is mostly bug fixes, lots of them, but it also includes an improved tutorial, so please take some time to follow it and let us know what you think.

Here's an (almost) complete list of changes (lot's of little things were fixed along the way without necessarily being recorded in the bug system):

* Added "chapters" to tutorial system with more general gameplay introductions
* Fixed random exception bug in troop-transfer job
* 3D rendering of troops is disabled when not used
* Fixed automatic update of troop overview page
* Fixed client-side exceptions from color animation
* Fixed client-side bug that sometimes prevented troop info dialog from showing when clicking on enemy troops
* Fixed input field bug in recall troops dialog
* Fixed weird queue bug where troop queue was not shown if there were defenses already queued.
* Fixed bug that caused holoview to show incorrect army after a retreat
* Fixed highscore history (it now updates once per day as it should)
* Fixed funky border update bug (currently brute force updating, let's see if it turns into a performance issue)
* Fixed clouds clipping while still in view
* Fixed incorrect toast-text when adding to queue (it now includes queue time)
* Removed minotaur icon from Achievement tutorial
* Clarified level progression with a progress indicator and tooltip
* Fixed alien cube cost so that it never cost less than what is shown in dialog.
* Sorted sites in site list so that "real" cities are listed at the top
* Removed the "use cubes" dialog since the >>> arrow is now explained in the tutorial
* Increased scrolling speed in accordion on Windows
* Added "more info" button/indicator to troop dialog
* Added shortcuts: ESC to close dialogs, AWSD for scrolling map
* Allowed global chat (Chat with no recipients)
* Fixed lighting setup for 3D troop renders

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