Before posting - read this!

Please post any technical issues here.
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DR9 Team
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Before posting - read this!

Post by DR9 Team » Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:50 pm

1. Thread title must represent the main sense of the issue.
I.e. "Game loading error, status 1073". Threads with nonspecific titles could be deleted.

2. Thread must contain all sufficient data.
* The main description. It must be a technical issue of some kind.
* The environment of issue: conditions, time, etc.
* Actions leaded to issue appearance.
* Media data: screenshots, video, if applicable (use spoiler tag).
* All steps and recommendations you have already done to resolve the issue in details.
Remember: technical category is under strong moderation.

3. Questions related to restoring items, bans, violation reports, restoring account access, account hacking or changing account data can't be solved on Forum. Been created such threads could be deleted immediately.

4. Avoid posts like "me too", "works for me" please.

5. If you were provided several solutions and one them helped please quote it in thread.

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