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Build 109

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:01 pm
by BoaNeo
This just a short heads-up: There's a new client available which fixed the bugs we found over the weekend. They were all client-side, so we have not updated the server. We do have two open server-side bugs, but they are not showstoppers, so they'll be in the next patch:

1) If retreating from an attack, the next attack on the same site will show incorrect troop info in the HUD for the first round.
2) The highscore history is updated way too frequently so the individual entries are not days, but much shorter timesteps (actual time diff depends on activity on the server). The current highscore should be fine though.

Also you cannot actually purchase hackers at the moment, but that's a configuration issue that we'll fix before anyone of you get far enough into the game to actually have that problem :)

Clients: ... 9eqMa?dl=0